Tattoo Prices

Chest Pieces
$350.00  -Half Chest Piece
$600.00 -Full Chest Piece

Arm Sleeves
$350.00  -Quarter Sleeve
$600.oo -Half Sleeve
($)      -Full sleeves are done by session.

Leg Sleeves
$500.00 -Thigh piece (hip/pelvic bone to knee).
$400.00 -1 side of leg from knee to ankle.
$$$$$$ -Full leg sleeves from knee to ankle (all the way around) are done by session.
($)     -Full leg sleeves (thigh to ankle) are done by session.

Back Pieces
$4oo.00 -Full shoulder blade piece (1 side)
($)      -Full back pieces (shoulders to waste line) are done by session.

Session Prices by hour ($)
$100.00 – 1 Hour  Session (small tattoos)
$250.00 – 3 Hour Session (medium tattoos)
$700.00 – 6 Hour Session (big tattoos)

Hourly sessions are available for small and large tattoos. We recommend hourly sessions if you have a time limit, if you are on a budget but would like to get consistent work done or if your body has a short pain tolerance. Not everybody can sit through a half/full sleeve, chest piece or leg piece. So this is a good way to break it down in sessions according to your liking.